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Cosphatec Image-Folder

Our new Image-Folder is ready and will truly inspire you!

In addition to news from the company, we have added an informative text above all product groups which will provide you with an even better overview on our product variety.

Of course, the product range is updated and complemented with fantastic new products - take a look inside!


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Suggestions for alternative preservation

We have updated our folder and equipped with many and brand new information. Take a look inside - it's worth it!

Profit from our research knowledge and take a look as well through our compiled suggestions for alternative preservation.


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Cosphagard® -Line

All informationen regarding our brandnew parabenfree Produktline Cosphagard®!


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Cosphaderm® Magnolia Extract 98

Cosphaderm® Magnolia Extract 98 - our very strong, natural alternative preservative with the newest product related  Infos!





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Cosphaderm® Diols

Our Cosphaderm® Diols are so diverse and offer a variety of posive functions... worth reading!




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Cosphaderm® Thickener

The royal class of Xanthan Gums! And a new extremely strong thickening agent — Cosphaderm® KG!


Cosphatec has developed a range of Thickeners which are all naturally produced and very fast soluble.



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Cosphaderm® Propanediol natural

Our Cosphaderm® Propanediol natural is 100% natural as well as ECOCERT and COSMOS zertified! A very special product!




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Cosphaderm® Organic acids

Need to know information regarding our organic acids.


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Cosphatec Lecithin-Folder

Lecithins are important ingredients in formulations - but the processing is not always that easy.

We have adressed the topic of lecithins and offer you a Folder which is riddled with interesting information on lecithins in general and in particular - please, take a look inside, perhaps this will provide you with new possibilities...

Our product range offers lecithins in various qualities from soy and sunflower.




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