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Flyer Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS

Cosphaderm® Sodium LAAS is our new innovatie natural Multifunctional blend. It is highly effective against bacteria, yeast and moulds and can therefore be used to replace synthetic preservaties. This product is water soluble within seconds and easy to use for all kind of formulations.



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Flyer New Cosphagard®-Line

Our new Cosphagard®-line which are the products Cosphagard® Pol, Cosphagard® Elbe and Cosphagard® Cap are all-purpose preservation blends for low-cost formulations. The combination of multifunctionals and mild preservatives are liquid and therefore very easy to use in production. The globally approved and certified raw materials are suitable for wet wipes, baby products and all kinds of rinse-off and leave-on products with an exceptionally good price-performance ratio.



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Flyer Cosphaderm® Feel

Cosphatec launches Cosphaderm® Feel, an ingredient perfectly suitable for natural cosmetic producers who do not want to miss out on silicone-like features.



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